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Catch and Shoot Drills

Spot Shooting

Pick 5 spots on your basketball court.  Make 10 shots at each spot, then head to the next spot.  Make sure you step in with proper footwork and rhythm.  You can vary this drill by adding a dribble and putting the spots farther back after you have completed all 5.

Curl, Pop, Fade 

Start on the baseline and have a cone around the foul line.  For the first action you will pop straight up while running past the cone and make 5 shots.  Next you will run up and curl around the cone, while catching the ball on you inside step and squaring your hips to the basket and make 5 shots.  Lastly you will fade away from the cone by pretending to curl around and going towards the corner.  Make sure you set you feet when you catch the ball so you are ready to shoot.  Make 5 shots with that action.

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