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Off the Dribble Shooting Drills

Kevin Love Shooting Drill

Stand next to a cone anywhere from the foul line to farther back.  Jump over the cone with both feet at the same time, once you land on the other side take quick chop steps around the back of the cone until you get to your original standing position.  Once you get there receive a pass and jump stop into the catch and shoot the ball.  Make 8-10 of these shots then switch to the opposite side and repeat.

Gordon Hayward Shooting Drill

Choose 3-5 different spots on the court.  Start at 1 spot, have someone pass you the ball or toss it to yourself, once you catch it immediately make 3 dribble moves in a row.  When you have finished the dribble moves reset both feet with a jump stop and shoot the ball.  Make 5 of these at each spot and continue until you complete all spots.

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